L'Assurance du logement Étudiant de la MAE

YouFirst students insurances

2 options specially designed
for YouFirst Campus’s residents

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Du lundi au vendredi de 8h30 à 19h
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* for YouFirst Campus’s residents only

Benefit from MAE special students insurances for your individual protection and your home!

You must take out a student home insurance to be able to rent your apartment.

MAE offers a 10% discount to the YouFirst Campus’s residents. Benefit from it now!
Subscribe one of the two options below from our dedicated section.

If you are not a YouFirst Campus’s resident, subscribe our MAE Student Home Insurance

Student Insurance Pack
Student home insurance + Student insurance

73,85 /year

Home Insurance
Student home insurance

39,20 /year

Rates taking account of the discount YouFirst Campus.

Student insurance main coverage

Student home insurance
main coverage